London Store - Nilo Street 33/c - Naples

Nilo Street 33/B - C - D - E , 80134 Naples NA


London Store is a street-wear, sneakers, and accessories multibrand store with artistic and musical influences established in the old beating center of Naples in 2000.

The store is a reference point where skateboarders, music, art, and street-wear lovers meet.  The results of precise research and style are available in the 500 sq.m. multi-leveled space with 4 windows overlooking the streets displaying all the best labels of sneakers, trainers, boots, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, coats, jackets, shirts, long board clothing, street-wear, sportswear, outerwear, denim jeans, sunglasses, wallets, fanny packs, luggage, watches, backpacks, trolley bags, soft and rigid travel bags, books, bags, audio equipment, and more. London Store is the center of fashion sportswear and collaboration collections in Naples. Every season exclusive brands present their special collections such as Fila Disruptor x London Store, Vans x Marvell, Vans x Van Gogh, Vans x Nasa, Justin Timberlake Fresh Leaves Collection, and many more which are also available on our online shop.