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In 1947 the Salomon family wood saws and ski edges’ workshop opens in downtown Annecy while in 1957 the first Salomon binding, ‘le lift’ is created, replacing the traditional leather binding straps. Following, Salomon invents the first binding with a self-release heelpiece and in 1966 its bindings are present for the first time at an Olympic Games, Portillo, Chile, after which the brand becomes the #1 binding manufacturer in the world selling for the first time more than 1 Million pairs of bindings in that year alone. In 1979 Salomon alpine boots hit the market and are an immediate success while The Raid Race, the first XA shoes arrive on the market in 2001. Get your 2021 pieces now. Choose and buy now on London Store Online Shop among the XA Pro 3d V8 GTX, the Supercross, the Odyssey, the XA Wild Gtx and many more. And keep in mind that on London Store Outlet Section many offers and discounted products are available for men and women including an excellent shoes proposal and a wide selection of accessories including hats, beanies, belts, backpacks, daypacks, bags, watches, luggage, hip bags, waits bags, scarves, gloves and many more. Purchase now the clothing products for your Winter 2021.